Covid-Key The "Don't Touch" Hygiene Stylus
Covid-Key The "Don't Touch" Hygiene Stylus
Covid-Key The "Don't Touch" Hygiene Stylus
Covid-Key The "Don't Touch" Hygiene Stylus
Covid-Key The "Don't Touch" Hygiene Stylus
Covid-Key The "Don't Touch" Hygiene Stylus
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Covid-Key The "Don't Touch" Hygiene Stylus

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Copper is antimicrobial, the Covid-key enhances your personal protection when using public shared surfaces as part of your hygiene regime. It slows and kills Covid-19 within four hours. Using the key and cleaning regularly protects you and protects me.  


Frequently Asked Questions    

What is Covid-Key?        

The Covid-Key is a solid copper hygiene stylus to help control the spread of the virus.


When & Where to use?        

The Covid-Key is for use on shared public surfaces when out and about.


Why use it?       

The Covid-Key allows the user to touch or operate shared surfaces without giving the chance for the virus to reach your hands. 


Why is it called Covid-Key?

The Covid-Key is not a substitute for washing your hands regularly, when the Covid-Key is used correctly, there is a chance that the device has had the Covid-19 virus or other viruses transferred to it. The name is designed to remind the user that the Covid-Key must be treated with caution. 


Why is it made of solid copper?

Copper is antimicrobial, meaning that it slows and kills viruses on contact. This action is not instant, and takes up to four hours to achieve. 


Who is it for?

The whole family, anyone that needs to use a publicly shared surface, like ATMs, Chip & PIN and door handles. 


Do you need to clean the Covid-Key?

Yes, we advise that the device is cleaned after every use.


Why not just use your hands and fingers?

If you use your hands on public shared surfaces, you may not be able to wash your hands immediately, in this interim period a person may transfer the virus from the hands to the face and cause the infection. The Covid-key is a device that works on a conscious level to help the user remember to control the spread of the virus. The device is easier to clean than your hands, and helps to not to spread the virus from hands to face by accident. 


Do I need to social distance and follow the UK government guidelines?

Yes, the Covid-Key is not a substitute for wearing a face covering or abiding UK government guidelines. The Covid-Key is a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) product.


Do I need to keep washing my hands?

Yes. The Covid-Key Device is designed to increase your control of the virus and is to enhance your hygiene regime.  


What does it cost and what about delivery? 

The Covid-Key costs £14.99 and is delivered by Royal Mail 1st class post. The delivery is free in the UK on all orders.


Where is it made?

Made in the UK.




2020 has brought a worldwide pandemic. Studies have found that COVID-19 amongst other life-threatening viruses’ can only last up to 4 hours on copper, but can live on surfaces like plastic for up to 72 hours. 

According to Edward Bilsky, Ph.D., Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, copper can kill germs in a few ways:

It disrupts bacterial cell membranes — copper ions damage cell membranes or "envelopes" and can destroy the DNA or RNA of the microbe

It generates oxidative stress on bacterial cells and creates hydrogen peroxide that can kill the cell

  • It interferes with proteins that operate important functions that keep bacterial cells alive

The exact mechanism of how copper interferes with proteins in bacterial cells is not fully understood yet, but the current hypothesis is mis-metalation, thanks to the fact that copper is a stable metal.

Information Sources

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Covid Key does not claim a public health benefit from using copper as an antimicrobial surface. Information provided by Covid Key about the efficiency of copper as an antimicrobial surface is based on current research and information publicly available from reputable sources on the internet. Covid Key is not a medical advisory and customers will be required to carry out their own research for how the Covid Key products can benefit them. Covid Key still recommends that customers follow advice given by the government on COVID-19 and do not claim that our product will stop the spread of COVID-19 if not used and cleaned properly within guidelines outlined by the government. Covid Key recommends the frequent cleaning of our products with antibacterial sprays and soaps to further reduce the spread of COVID-19.




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